The only provider of 24/7 Live Receptionist and Virtual PBX system.

My Phone Assistant brings you the most advanced Unified Communication attached with Virtual Receptionist or a Remote Receptionist. You can spend thousands of dollars on a comparable in-house system and hire a receptionist or you can subscribe to the My Phone Assistant monthly service at a fraction of that cost. Whether you are a corporate executive, a road warrior, a small business owner, or just a person on the go, My Phone Assistant puts you in control of all of your communication needs. Reduce costs, work more efficiently, and improve your image.

     Use Exclusive 24/7 Live answering service or combine it with Unified Communication.
     Toll free number with Auto Attendant with complete Unified Communication.
     Combine your home, office, mobile, FAX to one single Toll free number.
     Access and Reply Email, Voice mail, and FAX directly from your phone Anywhere Anytime.
     Change your call routings from a web interface Anywhere Anytime.
What is Unified Communication ?

Unified communication is a latest technology that encompasses all forms of phone, fax and email functions controlled by an individual user or a group of individual users. For example, people use many different ways to communicate. Phone, Fax, Email are the most common ways of communication. Most people have a minimum of three numbers. A home number, a Business number and a Mobile number. The unified communications concept involves breaking down these barriers so that people using different modes of communication, different media, and different devices can combine them to one Toll-free number that can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time. See all the features.


Virtual Receptionist Services are being used by an increasing number of small companies and home offices. These entrepreneurs have discovered that Virtual Receptionist services give their call handling a more professional tone because they typically combine the best features of human presence with the automation of routine questions and at a fraction of hiring a traditional cost. A virtual receptionist greets your callers with a well designed series of menu prompts that guides them to the right department or representative in your Company.


If you want to give to callers that personal real human touch, you can use a Remote Receptionist, otherwise known as Live Receptionist service. Armed with the latest technology, a Remote Receptionist is a highly trained receptionist who can take all your business calls and connect to you so seamlessly that your clients won’t believe your receptionist isn’t in the office with you. Unlike Virtual Receptionist, a Remote Receptionist can do a lot more than taking and routing a call. A Remote Receptionist can take appointments, provide information about your Company, or even place a web order and email or fax the information collected from the callers to you. This service is available 24/7 365 days a year.

Why Do I need My Phone Assistant serviCe ?

My Phone Assistant can save money by replacing the receptionist position in your Company. Our service gives a professional image of your Company and ensures you never miss an important call. You can combine your Mobile, Home , Business and Fax numbers into one Toll free number and have the calls intelligently forwarded the way you want. Using a user friendly web interface you can completely control on your Toll free numbers. You now don’t have to re-distribute your telephone numbers to everybody if any of your numbers change. A professionally recorded auto attendant can welcome the callers, and route the callers to the right person based on your configuration. You also have the choice of assigning a 24/7 on demand Live receptionist who will represent your Company, can provide basic information, take a message for you and even place a web order for you. By simply dialing your toll free number from anywhere you can access and also reply to your Voicemails, Emails, and FAX messages. All of this for less than a couple of dollars a day. See all the features.

How it works ?

Very simple. My Phone Assistant has two different plans. A Professional plan for single users and an Enterprise plan for multiple users. Choose the plan that is right for you. We will assign a toll free number(s). We will set you up with your first initial configuration and provide log in information for you to have complete control on your service. You can record your own auto attendant greeting or we can have it professionally recorded. If you want to have a Live Receptionist take your call, you can either forward one of your extensions to a Live Receptionist or you can choose to have the Live Receptionist service by itself without Unified Communication. Our Live receptionist service is available 24/7 at no extra charge for after hours and weekends. We provide extra toll free numbers in our Enterprise plans that can be used as dedicated Phone and Fax numbers where callers can directly reach a specific department instead of going through the main number.

If you have an existing toll free or local number and would like to retain it, you can do that by simply having your telephone company forward the calls to the number provided by us. You also have the option of buying the toll free number provided by us.

Pricing PackageS

   Professional Standard : $24.99 250 free minutes 6 cents per minute
   Professional Plus : $29.99 500 free minutes 5 cents per minute
   Main toll free number /w auto attendant
   Packaged : Auto Attendant FREE!
       Enterprise Standard : $79.99 Upto 4 extentions 2000 free mins 3 Toll Free nos 5 cents / min
       Enterprise Plus: $149.99 Upto 10 extentions 4000 Free mins 5 Toll Free nos 5 cents / min
        Economy : $14.99 per Ext.   10 cents per minute
        Standard : $24.99 per Ext. 300 minutes free 6 cents per minute
        Plus : $29.99 per Ext. 500 minutes free 5 cents per minute
        Professional Auto attendant recording : $24.99 / Recording
        Additional Toll-free Number $4.99 / month
       Live Receptionist Standard $1.00 per minute 50 mins minimum
       Live Receptionist  Plus $0.85 per minute 250 mins minimum
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